Wings of Victory (To Be Released Late 2020)

Wings of Victory: Overcoming Mental Illness as We Walk with Jesus
by Ruth and Joshua Eleos

Wings of Victory is written by Ruth and Joshua Eleos, pen names for a husband/wife team, sharing about their experience of living with a mental illness for 20+ years. Ruth has been diagnosed with bipolar and Joshua, her husband gets to live with/react to her  condition. Knowing that statistically less than 25% of such marriages last, we write to give hope and encouragement to other such Christians as well as provide perspective to those who love someone with a mental illness.

This book is unique in that we have written it as a dialog, each of us responding to what the other has written. Because of our differing perspectives, we have sought to allow each spouse to have her/his voice by writing separately. Ruth begins each chapter as she is the one with the mental illness and has determined the flow of the book. Joshua writes in response to what she has written, giving insight from a more objective viewpoint of the one loving the afflicted. Through his pastoral experience and master’s degree in Theology, Joshua brings a solid Biblical/scholarly and pastoral perspective to the situation. The first few chapters are meant to affirm the one suffering with this illness. The chapters that follow attempt to equip the reader with strategies for overcoming, and finally, we desire to challenge the readers to a higher calling than the world expects of those struggling with mental illnesses.

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