Ruth and Joshua Eleos

Joshua and Ruth Eleos are pen names for a couple who met at seminary in the late 1980’s after earning their degrees in Physics and Accounting, respectively. They married in 1990 with a desire to serve the Lord together and pioneer a Christian family. Due to postpartum psychosis and bipolar, Ruth spent several years as the accounting department of her parents’ family business while Joshua home-schooled their three children. This diagnosis is the reason for their use of pen names.

Ruth’s first published work was an article about her mental illness journey found at:

Eleos, Ruth. “Mental Illness: An Insider’s Journey.” Lookout Magazine, October 25, 2015: 6-7.

Presently, Ruth serves uses her training in an organization serving missionaries, helping to advance the Gospel. Having developed a heart for world missions, Ruth loves having the opportunity to interact and pray with missionaries.

Joshua has served as a high school math and science teacher and as a pastor, having earned his master’s degree in Theology.

Joshua and Ruth also enjoy providing hospitality to friends and “strangers”, and their children & grandchildren.

Joshua and Ruth are available for speaking at your event.

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