Released December 09, 2020

Wings of Victory: Overcoming Mental Illness as We Walk with Jesus

by Ruth and Joshua Eleos
Date: December 09, 2020
Pages: 148

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Wings of Victory, 2020

Wings of Victory is written by Ruth and Joshua Eleos, pen names for a husband/wife team, sharing about their experience of living with a mental illness for 20+ years. Ruth has been diagnosed with bipolar and Joshua, her husband gets to live with/react to her  condition. Knowing that statistically less than 10% of such marriages last, we write to give hope and encouragement to other such Christians as well as provide perspective to those who love someone with a mental illness.

Wings of Victory is written to share our hope. You will get a glimpse of our struggles as well as an abundance of encouragement. It is written in a dialogue. Ruth writes from the perspective of one with a mental illness. Joshua writes in response, giving insight (from a more objective viewpoint) as the one closest to Ruth. in addition, Joshua brings a solid Biblical/scholarly approach to the situation from a pastor’s perspective. Wings of Victory is intended to affirm the one suffering with mental illness, as well as equip the readers with strategies with mental illness, as well as equip the readers with strategies for victory. Finally it is intended to inspire readers to a higher calling than the world expects for those struggling with mental illness.